How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay


Logically, 5 paragraph essay should have five paragraphs. The first paragraph is the introduction. In this section, you should include the general information about the chosen or assigned the topic and gain the interest of the readers.  The second, third, and fourth paragraphs should cover the main sub-topics of the paper. For example, if you are exploring causes of crime, each of three paragraphs should cover one particular cause of crime. Read our simple guideline on essay Continue reading

Discipline Essay


Discipline essay can take many forms but it must follow the standard academic structure:  introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction is one or two paragraphs in which you outline the whole essay, state your main idea, and include a thesis statement. The body of your discipline essay should be divided into subsections each covering one aspect of the topic. Body is the place to provide supporting information. The conclusion of your essay should summarize the paper.  It is Continue reading

Writing Assignment Ideas


Have you got stuck with completing your homework assignment because of not having any writing assignment ideas? Maybe you can not start with your assignment writing because you can not create any of writing assignment topics ideas to deal with. Then maybe some other problem concerning the process of writing your assignment does not let you sleep in a calm way and disturbs you all the time. If yes then you are in sharp need of our writing assignment ideas. It does not matter why you can not cope Continue reading

Thesis on Racism


Thesis on racism may appear easy to write. However, if the length of the thesis is more than 10 pages, you need to go deeper into research. You should also consider the narrow topic (you cannot write about racism in general). For example, you may explore the evolution of racism in the United States.  The following paragraphs are taken from the thesis on racism. This thesis was written about the attitude toward African Americans at the times of slavery.  If you are looking for Continue reading

Response Essay


As it is simple to understand from the title of the response essay, this kind of academic writing is a response of the writer to some other’s works. There are many kinds of different response essays, however, the most frequent ones are response essay to a picture and response to literature, as these two kinds of art are considered to be the most popular ones with the public. delivers professional custom writing services to students around the globe. Continue reading

Process Essay


The purpose of process essays writing is to deepen the knowledge of students, develop their cognitive activity, and form a creative approach to problem-solving necessary for professional activities of the future specialist. Process essays on pedagogy, sociology, political science, finance, and so on are the first independent creative students’ work, which requires certain knowledge and skills. Work on the process essay promotes the better understanding of the basic principles of the Continue reading

Process Essay Sample


The explanation of various processes is especially important in scientific essays. Nature is full of processes by which necessary elements and nutrients are absorbed by various organisms. For example, photosynthesis is the process by which a plant uses sunlight and oxygen to produce chlorophyll. The circulatory system is the process by which nutrition and oxygen are distributed throughout the body. Other types of processes in a process essay sample can include: The clinical process of Continue reading

Personal Traits Essay


Personal essay writing is rather different from other types of academic essays. Unlike a research paper or thesis project, you do not need to conduct a secondary literature search or do any experimentation. Unlike cause/effect or compare and contrast essays, a personal essay does not require any persuasion or argumentations. Personal essay writing, especially personal traits essay project, require you to apply your creative writing skills to produce a well-written paper devoted to Continue reading

Personal Essays


If you are assigned writing a personal essay, it does not mean that you may submit “a laundry list” covering all aspects of your life about the specific subject. You need to satisfy the attention and curiosity of your readers by presenting them to the vivid example, piece of your life rather than trying to cover all moments starting with your birth and first steps you have made. Despite the chosen topic, you need to watch for the following: Emotions (narrative, descriptive and Continue reading

Personal Essays Writing


It is impossible to avoid personal essays writing during the application process. This is a type of essay writing where you need to introduce yourself, describe your life, your aims as well as your career goals. It is understandable that you do not know admission committee officer personally, so, your task is writing your personal essays. If you need help with admission essay writing, term paper writing, or any other academic assignment, do not hesitate to ask our professional custom Continue reading