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College personal essay writing requires focus on your critical thinking skills and abilities. We can say that all academic essays are personal as you must express your own opinion and ideas on the assigned topic. While writing personal essay, are not limited by any specific format.

The only thing you should keep in mind that your paragraphs must be fully developed and devoted to one idea. In any case, you can write what you want and as you want. If you want to use quoted language while writing personal essay you are welcome. But do not overload your college personal essay with quotations. There should be reasonable limits.

Writing an essay express your thoughts, your ideas, your feelings and emotions. It is an excellent opportunity to write about your personal opinions. You can demonstrate creative writing on any topic. Make your essay reader feel your thoughts.

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Personal essay topic - To the world through the mutual understanding. Short personal essay sample:

…The growth of religious intolerance is partly the result of globalization. The huge mass of different cultures and religions are entered in direct contact. All mixed, migration, television, cultural patterns. Globalization has opened our eyes to the global economic injustice. Billions of disadvantaged people saw how it is possible to live in today's world and realized that they would never live in this way. In these circumstances occurs peculiar spiritual exodus.

But it is not a flight to God, it is an escape from reality. All may end up by the new cultural shock when religion will be not a finding of the God but the search for a platform to justify their hatred for the modern world, its injustice. In this way the role of spiritual teachers are crucial...

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