Persuasive Essay on Abortion


Abortion is one of the most common persuasive essay topics that students may be asked to discuss. So, it seems so many words have been said about abortion, and it was considered from so many different perspectives that this topic does not leave any field for discussion at all. Still, this is not the truth. Even the most trivial idea about abortion can be expressed in different ways and absolutely different words. Below, several possible ideas that you may consider in a persuasive essay on abortion are presented.

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The Immoral Nature Of Abortion

Many people consider abortion to be the manifestation of immorality while others believe that abortion is a need. If you are against abortion, write a persuasive essay on abortion and its immoral nature. You may start your persuasive essay on abortion with a brief overview of the Ten Commandments as they are presented in the Holy Bible and explain that killing a small embryo is similar to killing a human being. Read our free essay sample on who is Jesus Christ: Support your viewpoint with examples.

Abortion Is An Ethical Issue

Some people regard abortion to be a murder while many women have no other way out but make abortions. Do you criticize or justify them? Why? Explain your point of view in the persuasive essay on abortion. Remember, the best way to back up your position is to give a real-life example. So, think whether anyone from your family, friends, or acquaintance might be given as an example to prove that abortion is actually an ethical issue. Illustrate this example in your persuasive essay on abortion.

Abortion: No Right Or Wrong Answer

Do you believe that abortion is neither a murder nor a necessity? Then explain why you think so in your persuasive essay on abortion. What we might advise you to provide as an argument in the persuasive essay on abortion is that sometimes destiny sets its rules and creates our life. So, you may tell that if a small child is destined to live, he/she will be born. Got stuck writing your persuasive essay? Order custom writing essays online at We have the best writers to complete all your assignments!

Abortion Should Be Illegal

If you are against abortion, try to persuade the reader of the necessity to make abortion illegal. In this case, you may provide the following explanations in your persuasive essay on abortion: in some countries, the birth rate is much lower than the death rate. Explain how the situation is these countries would change if abortion was illegal.

As you can see, a lot of issues can be said about abortion. You just have to choose the one that you find the most interesting to disclose in your persuasive essay on abortion. Click here for a persuasive essays on smoking sample.

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