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Writing an essay on who is Jesus Christ?  You have found the right place to get a free sample essay on Jesus Christ.  If you have to write an essay on who is Jesus Christ, it does not mean that you should go deeply into the Biblical reading. On the contrary, this essay requires personal approach. For example, you may write who is Jesus Christ for you. Are you a believer?  What do you know about Jesus Christ? What kind of person was he?  These and many other questions may help you develop an excellent personal essay on who is Jesus Christ. The following sample may help you as well. If you are looking for help with essay writing, do not hesitate to use our professional essay writing assistance. Our writers are educated and they have already written thousands of essays for students throughout the country.  We helped many students and we can help you as well.

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Sample Essay on Who is Jesus Christ

Whatever we touch in this world is satanic in the matter and basically demonic, yet contains the divine five light elements. This duality includes literally everything, even our own bodies. So this world is the exact reverse of the Hindu cosmos in which everything bears the divine imprint of Vishnu. This world created out of the dead demons might be likened to an immense distillation machine, the purpose of which is purification of all matter, first in the moon, and then in the sun, where they are dissolved and cleansed; the light that has been absorbed in darkness is liberated and ascends back to the Father of Light, and the darkness that is innate in matter falls back to the underworld. It is for this reason that, as far away in time and place as later Shinto, fertilizers are forbidden, as containing the dross element. The following free essay sample touches upon religious issues:

The process must go on for a long time before all that digested light is reclaimed, but the Father of Greatness can look forward, even so, to the day when all the light that has been reclaimed can join the superior light above, and all the dross has been incinerated and let fall back into darkness. provides online custom writing services for college/university students all over the globe.    

Thus ends the third act of the spiritual drama. In the fourth, the demon of darkness, the poison god, has roused himself at last and realizes what is going on. He sees that what was his victory will turn into defeat if the process of distillation goes on forever, so he himself produces a son out of his own power, and so creates Adam, or Man. Thus all men are creatures of the devil, rather than of God. Mani would say, in contradistinction to Confucius' sentence "Man's nature is good," that man's nature is bad. Mani thus claims that the Old Testament tale of Jehovah creating Adam is precisely the story of the father of darkness creating man in his image. Additionally, to write a book analysis, (for example, the Holy Bible) don't forget to focus on the fundamental elements of a piece of writing that make it stand out as a work of literature. Expand on and discuss certain elements in your analysis to write a clear and lucid essay. Jehovah, the father of darkness, in Mani's language, tells Abraham: procreate, create many men like you, let them spread and be as numerous as the stars in Heaven; for the greater the number of men created, the longer the distillation process will take; and indeed, it will never come to an end. By means of propagation, evil will always be shackled to the world. The Father of Greatness has to interfere once more, lest he is defeated by the creation of Man. So in the fifth act, the Father of Light creates a third son, who is Jesus Christ. His duty is to destroy the works of Jehovah, or the Power of Darkness, Ahriman.

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