Character Description Essay


A character description essay is a kind of paper that aims to provide the detailed description of one of the main characters of the book you read. You also have to provide as many details as it will be necessary for the reader to imagine the person you describe. Therefore, you can use some interesting association, comparisons, and expressive means while writing your character description essay.

A good character description essay requires using specific ways of achieving the main purpose. They are:

  • To provide the reader with emotions and feeling by using imaginative language;
  • To attempt to present the character and the events he/she participated in as realistic ones;
  • To attempt to share your feelings with the reader;
  • To help the readers feel as if they are taking part in the scenes you describe;
  • To convey key ideas and images

The first idea coming up to your mind is probably ‘What should you write about in the character description essay'? Learn more about writing a book analysis: Let us give you an answer to this question. There are components that should be compulsorily included in a character description essay. They can be presented as follows:

  • The general information about the book character;
  • What role did the character play in the book? Was he/she a positive or negative character?;
  • Describe the appearance of the character you write about;
  • What were his/her life principles/worldviews/morals/life mottoes?;
  • What is his/her relationship with other characters?;
  • What is your attitude towards the character? Backup your ideas

We are always online for your convenience. Our team will be glad to assist you with any academic custom writing services needed. Feel free to contact our company anytime. One more essential point about writing a character description essay is its structure. Let us say, the components of your character description essay that you can see above should be arranged in an appropriate consecution, thus, organizing your ideas into a logical chain. Just like any other kind of essay, the character description essay should consist of three main parts:

  1. Introduction – where you introduce the character for consideration and explain your choice to the reader.
  2. Main Body – where you provide the audience with all the necessary information about the character by describing his appearance, worldviews, behaviour, and relationships with other characters in the book.
  3. Conclusion – where you summarize what you have said above. In this part, you can also express your attitude to the character you are describing.

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