English Essay Topics

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English Essay TopicsAn essay is a useful tool used by your professor to test out your capacity to organize your thoughts, collect and analyze information and write clearly and logically around particular English Essay topics by first arriving at a thesis statement.There are so many English Essay topics you can be given to write on such as writing a literature review or the analysis of a particular character in one of your prescribed reading texts. Apart from asking you to write literary essays [...]

Essay about Yourself

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Essay about Yourself It is not easy to write a good resume or the autobiography. It is a real challenge to write essay about yourself, to underline all sides of your character, to organize ideas logically, and to ensure smooth flow of ideas. You may find examples of personal essays posted in our blog useful for your own writing. In addition, if you need term paper writing help, such as assistance with writing literature term papers, you may request professional writing services at our site! [...]

Personal Essays Writing

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Personal EssaysIt is impossible to avoid personal essays writing during the application process. This is a type of essay writing where you need to introduce yourself, describe your life, your aims as well as your career goals. It is understandable that you do not know admission committee officer personally, so, your task is to write carefully your personal essays. If you need help with admission essay writing, term paper writing, or any other academic assignment, do not hesitate to ask our [...]

Examples of Personal Essays

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Examples of Personal EssaysExamples of personal essays must be your truthful representation of your personality. It means that you need to write your college essay personally. Here, you should describe your achievements in school or college as well as to write about your talent in particular academic or any other aspect of life. Always remember that admission officers read thousands examples of personal essays. So, the examples of personal essays you wrote must be exceptional. Here are some [...]

Process Essay

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Process Essay IdeasThe purpose of process essays writing is to deepen the knowledge of students, develop their cognitive activity, and form a creative approach to problem solving necessary for professional activities of the future specialist. Process essays on pedagogy, sociology, political science, finance, and so on is the first independent creative students’ work, which requires certain knowledge and skills. Work on the process essay promotes the better understanding of the basic [...]

Personal Essays

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Personal EssaysIf you are assigned to write a personal essay, it does not mean that you may submit “a laundry list” covering all aspects of your life about the specific subject. You need to satisfy the attention and curiosity of your readers by presenting them to the vivid example, piece of your life rather than trying to cover all moments starting with your birth and first steps you have made. Despite of the chosen topic, you need to watch for the [...]

Free Personal Essay

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Free Personal EssaysWhat are the benefits of free personal essays? The answer is easy: none. Free personal essays will not save your grade because even the simplest plagiarism detecting software will point out to the source of “your” essay. Thus, we do not recommend copying anything from the internet. Free personal essays are good as sources of ideas only; however, you should keep in mind that even ideas must be referenced properly. Are you sure you want to include a link to the free [...]

Proud to be an American Essay

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Proud to be an American Essay Every American is proud to be an America because we are the patriotic nation. Writing proud to be an American essay, you need to explore different facets of citizenship, patriotism, American culture, society, etc. The following essay is written about American country music, something most of American value and consider as an essential element of their culture.  If your topic is different or you want to explore another facet of being an American, do not hesitate to [...]

Paragraph Essays

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Paragraph Essays The following sample paragraph essay is written about Freud. If you are looking for the sample paragraph essay on another topic, you are welcome to explore free personal essays available in our blog. In addition, do not forget that you can always use our professional essay writing services. You may request essay writing services at any time.  Our writers are professionals and they can handle a wide range of topics within the shortest deadlines. Sample of Paragraph Essays [...]

How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay

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How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay Logically, 5 paragraph essay should have five paragraphs. The first paragraph is introduction. In this section you should include the general information about the chosen or assigned topic and gain the interest of the readers.  The second, third, and forth paragraphs should cover the main sub-topics of the paper. For example, if you are exploring causes of crime, each of three paragraphs should cover one particular cause of crime.  The final paragraph is [...]