Blood Brothers Essay


The play Blood Brothers is set in the early eighties in Liverpool, England. It is a play that revolves around the life of two of its main characters- namely Mickey Johnstone and Eddie Lyons. The playwright Willy Russell makes clever use of these two central characters to dramatize this play that is a hot favourite amongst audiences of different age groups. They should be the central focus of a Blood Brothers essay. Read our guide to writing the literary analysis essay: Your Blood Brothers essay should begin by explaining the main purpose or contention behind your essay such as, “The main purpose of this essay is to examine the techniques that are used by playwright Willy Russell to improve the dramatic effectiveness of the play.”

Working And Middle Classes

In this fascinating and popular play, the playwright uses the technique of dividing the characters into two main classes:

The Johnstone's represent working-class stereotypes - who barely manage to get their food clothing and shelter - and yet remain cheerful in the face of near poverty. The Lyons represent the middle class - who are always discontented about everything.

The contrast between the two classes and attitudes is one of the techniques that create the dramatic tension in the play. If you find writing compare contrast essay as challenging and unmanageable, you can choose to buy compare and contrast essay from custom essay writing service online. From the audience's point of view, Mickey and Eddie are like characters from real life that the audience can easily empathize and identify with as they cope with the ups and downs of life. Another technique that Russell uses to get the audience emotionally involved in the play is through his use of pathos. Get professional essay writing help with any of your academic assignments. Our experienced writers transform average papers into high-quality essays!

Crying And Laughing

A Blood Brothers essay should point out that the audience is moved to pity when Mickey gets affected by job cuts. They also experience laughter when Eddie and Mickey swap jokes. The technique of the use of humour also plays a very large part in grabbing the attention of the audience. Humour acts as a balancing factor to the pathos in the play and takes the form of puns, bad grammar and double meanings that catch the attention of the audience due to their complete unpredictability. Want some funny argumentative essay topics for your essay? Come up with some funny argumentative essay topics that will brighten his/her day (or night) and that just might get you a great grade.

The structure of a Blood Brothers essay should consist of an introductory paragraph that spells out the thesis statement. This should be followed by supporting body paragraphs that support the main contention of your essay with quotes and incidents from the play. Seamlessly stitching these elements together can create an interesting and enlightening essay. 

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