Essay on The Drunkard


Essay on "The Drunkard" by Frank O'Connor

When great novels are discussed in essays, the last ones are called literary essays and should represent the analysis of the certain novels, their characters, situations and results. Once students receive the assignment to analyze a novel or a story, they need to read it close and specify the main ideas which are stated for a reader’s understanding there. However it is an ideal situation when all students do close reading and write independently. According to the statistic about 50% of students do not write literary essays independently and they either download them, or order them at writing service sites.

This article is the way students may go. It contains some special advice upon what may be written in the literary essay, if to be more accurate, what to write in an essay on "The Drunkard" by Frank O'Connor. It is not a secret that mostly students do not read this novel and try to find a summary of it, not taking into consideration that the story itself cannot be represented in the essay, but its analysis should be discussed. A summary will not save you from frequent mistakes which are made by the students. They may be showed to you in order you to know what you should not write in an essay on "The Drunkard" by Frank O'Connor.

Here they are:

  • Students often mix names and traits of the main characters. Follow that Mick Delaney and his wife Mrs. Delaney are the main characters.
  • The name of the place the story takes is not mentioned. It is an important fact which should be told in the very beginning of the story, as it is a national specific trait. The story is in Ireland, the street is Blarney Lane.
  • The behavior of characters is stated, but the traits of their characters are not. The second factor is the most evident and should be analyzed accordingly. State that Mick Delaney is selfish and his ego is high above everything he has, also above his family and wife. State a few words about his wife, who hides his bad habits from the society and pays his bills. What may be said about her traits?

You essay on "The Drunkard" by Frank O'Connor should discuss the plot of the story, the author’s voice and the most important phrases which may be use as citations, the change of the mood of the story form the sad alcoholism events to the boy’s attempts to break the man’s weakness.

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