Narrative essay

Narrative essay is a short personal story. All you need is to recall one interesting case or event in your life. This case may be edifying as well. You may describe how it changed your life, for example. Everyone has something unusual in his life that is worth of attention. Maybe the event did not occur to you, but to your friend or someone else. Maybe you were not a direct participant of the story but observed it from the side.

There is only one rule of successful narrative essay writing - you must attract the attention of the reader. The use of emotionally appealing words is a requirement. You want the reader to experience your feelings and live through the moment you describe. It can be done with the help of expressive verbs, for example. Narrative essay can be very easy if you do not have difficulty in putting words on the paper.

Narrative essay writing

College narrative essay writing is personal and, therefore, you should use personal pronouns I, my, and mine. As a rule, it is not recommended to use personal pronouns in academic essay writing. However, in narrative essay writing nobody can prohibit using personal pronouns.

You can also use direct quotations that help you make the described picture more vivid. After the first draft is finished, read it twice. Can you experience those feeling again? Can you follow your thoughts? Is your narrative essay organized logically? Is anything missing? It is time to insert the missing information in your essay.

While writing English narrative essay, feel free to describe events and feelings and make them vivid!

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