Writing a Descriptive Essay


Writing a descriptive essay is really all about describing something - it could be a society, or an object or even a person you may, for instance, be asked to write an essay about a particular character in a book in which case what this actually means is that you have been asked to describe that person - including some events or incidents that throw up a person character. EssayWritingServices.org offers academic essay writing services online. Our guarantee is to continue providing quality services to all our customers. 

You could be writing a descriptive essay about a particular place that you had visited in your childhood or about a person you have known-like a favourite teacher. On a less complicated level, descriptive essays can be on a topic like, ‘Describe your pet dog.’

The basic idea behind writing a descriptive essay is to zero in on what a particular:

  • Thing
  • Place
  • Person or character is like

Let’s say for instance that you have been asked to write an essay on the African Elephant then the essay needs to describe different aspects of an African elephant. In that case, you need to first introduce what an Elephant is-namely a pachyderm who is a mammal. In this way, you will have placed the African Elephant in the right context while also describing the background of the elephant.

Supporting Paragraphs

Once you have described what an African Elephant is, the next step would require you to describe the place in which the African Elephant lives-namely the forested areas of Africa. The following paragraph in a descriptive essay could go on to describe the various parts of an elephant in general and an African Elephant in particular. You should point out for instance that the tusk of an African Elephant is much larger than the tusk of an Indian Elephant. Read the following example: https://essaywritingservices.org/blog/descriptive-essay-example.html.

The next supporting paragraph of a descriptive essay could go on to describe what an African Elephant eats and where this diet is found. Subsequently, you can describe what an African Elephant does-(migrates with the herd to various waterholes etc and lives in a matriarchal herd with strong family ties).

To get some really extensive descriptions while writing a descriptive essay you should ask yourself some keyword questions like:

  • What?
  • Where?
  • How?
  • Who?
  • When?
  • Why?

Writing a descriptive essay based on these questions would lead to an extensive description of the subject. In your last paragraph, you can summarize the main points of your essay. Take advantage of our professional essay writing services, which will help you avoid unnecessary stress. Get high-quality academic papers and receive good grades!

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