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The product of the radio and the phonograph, commercial country music did not develop until the 1920s, well after World War I. By the outbreak of World War II, the music was firmly established, and its songwriters and performers extolled the bravery of American servicemen in that conflict. One of the more popular country songs recorded during the war was Red Foley's rendition of "Smoke on the Water," which provides an apocalyptic, and accurate, view of what would happen once U.S. forces engaged the Axis enemy. You may also find a large collection of essay samples that demonstrate the high quality of work produced by our academic writers on The great American war machine, the song predicts, would crush its foes, leaving their bodies for the vultures. The most popular patriotic country song of the World War II era, Elton Britt "There's a Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere," also stresses personal bravery. Ironically, the song is narrated from the perspective of a crippled youth, who recites a list of America's fighting heroes and declares his willingness to die to protect the freedoms of his country. He begs Uncle Sam for the opportunity to fight, not to have his courage judged by his handicap. He yearns for the opportunity to perform great deeds, to become a hero, to die on the battlefield, and thus enter that special place in heaven reserved for the nation's bravest.

America's reasons for entering World War II were obvious to all; they were less clear-cut in the Korean conflict. Country music songs, nevertheless, remained strongly supportive of the war effort and generally portrayed the conflict as part of the price to be paid to prevent the communist menace from conquering the world. Once again country music recounted American soldiers' willingness to perform on the battlefield in such songs as "Korea, Here We Come." Gallantry on the battlefield, country music acknowledged, inevitably resulted in casualties. Two popular tunes of the Korean War era by Ernest Tubbs, "Missing in Action" and "A Heartsick Soldier on Heartbreak Ridge," made the point that battlefield deaths were to be expected, and accepted.

The Vietnam War plunged the country into a state of political and social turmoil. The domestic violence of the Vietnam era and the rancour it produced, however, failed to alter country music's appreciation of battlefield bravery. Read our free sample of an argumentative essay: While popular music counselled Johnny not to be a hero, country music reiterated its expectations that he lives up to the martial standards of his ancestors. Perhaps the song that best-expressed country music's continuing commitment to battlefield heroics was Staff Sergeant Barry Sadler's recording, "The Ballad of the Green Berets," which in 1966 reached the second spot on the country charts.

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