Persuasive Essay on Legalizing Marijuana


First of all, let us remind you about the steps necessary to take in order to make a good persuasive essay. For argumentative essay ideas and thesis on racism, surf our free academic blog written by professional essay writers. Our custom essay writing service guarantees you the highest quality of your persuasive essay. Order now!

  • Research the topic – find the facts that might help you write your persuasive essay on legalizing marijuana. This might be facts, statistics on people using marijuana, real-life examples, and experts’ viewpoints about this problem.
  • Analyze your audience – think what the reader might tell you in response. Most likely, the reader would like to argue your position. Think what questions might arise in the reader’s mind while reading your persuasive essay on legalizing marijuana. Prepare a number of arguments to incline the reader to accept your point of view. Remember, the reader should agree with you as soon as he/she finishes reading your persuasive essay on legalizing marijuana. Read our free sample persuasive essay:  
  • Make a plan – a good persuasive essay on legalizing marijuana should be based on an elaborately developed plan. Think about the issues that you would like to highlight in your persuasive essay on legalizing marijuana. Think about the order these issues should be presented in.
  • Write your paper – keep to all the rules of persuasive essay writing. Remember about background information and thesis statement in the introduction; several points and evidence supporting them in the main body and restating the most powerful arguments in the concluding part of your persuasive essay on legalizing marijuana.
  • Check and edit the mistakes – check and check back if necessary. Let someone read your paper and find any grammar, spelling, punctuation, or stylistic mistakes. provides professional essay writing proofreading services.

Now let us pass to the arguments that might help you convince the reader of the fact that marijuana should be legalized.

  • Marijuana helps to overcome depressive mood.
  • Marijuana affects just like alcohol, so, it is not a drug.
  • Many people prefer marijuana to drugs or alcohol, so why should we deprive these people the opportunity to have fun the way they want to?

All you will have to do is to develop these ideas and explain why you think so. Remember, that your evidence should be taken from valid sources, and these sources should be cited properly in your persuasive essay on legalizing marijuana.

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