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Freud's notion of the absence of time in the unconscious, for example, and Proust's reflection that "a single minute released from the chronological order of time has recreated in us the human being similarly released" lead to the same conclusion: the choice of individual reaction to events cannot be a function of chance but must depend upon past experience, on the memory of some analogous event. We have put together a list of excellent essay topics that might just make your writing process a little easier. You can check them all on our website! Although the past as object is gone, it remains as a memory, and in that form is decisive for thought and action; events must be lifted from the scheme of temporal succession in order to be understood.  The two characteristics that distinguish the introspective era - the social acceptance of introspection and the recurrence of specific introspective content - resulted from the particular conditions under which introspective thought was organized. It is therefore important to understand not only what these writers were able to learn but also what they were not able to learn. The analysis of the environment was again limited to the extent that insight is affected by external circumstances. It was possible for certain repressions to lapse - the father, and struggles between father and son, became available to consciousness. From this followed inferences on unconscious life and on the relationship of past to present and future. But there was no equivalent insight into the female or, more specifically, into the material world. The oedipal mother exists in the literature, of course, but she was not available for the same kind of intense critical examination' as was being devoted to other dimensions of internal conflict. Moreover, the pre-oedipal mother, shown by post-Freudian psychoanalytic theory to be just as important as these other dimensions, hardly appears in a controlled way at all. The work of the two contemporary writers we have already examined, Freud and Kafka, represents a convenient focus for an examination of the implications of this inability to perceive the mother. Free term papers on literature available on our site: What links Freud's work to Kafka's is, of course, the emphatic stress on unconscious motivation, as well as the preoccupation with paternal authority and the conflicts of fathers and sons. But what links them also is the tendency to over-evaluate paternal authority, to exaggerate the father's power while at the same time allowing the maternal influence to suffer serious neglect. We recommend you to check our writing sample essays on various topics.

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