Paper Plagiarism Term


While studying you have often to write various assignment papers (essay, research papers, reports and others). You should remember that academic writing quite as well as any kind of modern writing – literary, scientific or some other ones must meet some requirements. First of all, it is spoken about the impermissibility of plagiarism. So, let’s consider what it is and how one can avoid it.

As a rule, the paper plagiarism term defines the usage of another author’s words, ideas, thoughts without referring to the informational source. But that concerns not only direct quoting but also paraphrasing, describing and other ways of mentioning. Read about the extended essay in greater detail: Plagiarism is objected in the modern world as it is considered to be an immoral and dishonest method. Moreover, a plagiary may be punished in serious cases.

Paper Plagiarism Term: Why?

So, why does the paper plagiarism term appear in academic writing? The question is rather difficult. Students may plagiarize either deliberately or unwittingly.

Let’s consider deliberate plagiarism! It is quite simple. Sometimes students are too lazy to express their own thoughts or suggestions. On getting a task to write an assignment paper they take some book concerning the topic and cite the author’s ideas without using quotation marks. They think that in this case, they manage to present other person’s thoughts as their own ones. Sometimes students try to paraphrase the author’s thoughts by changing only several words. But sometimes they make so great changes that the essence of utterances alters considerably. You should remember that all these actions are not allowable while writing a paper.

As for unwitting plagiarism, this case is more difficult. Students often do not even know that they plagiarize. So, you should always pay great attention to how you use others’ ideas in your investigation. Moreover, it will be useful for you to know what the paper plagiarism term includes and how to avoid plagiarism.

Paper Plagiarism Term: Impermissible In Writing

So, what should you do to avoid plagiarism while writing your assignment paper? It is quite obvious that you should use references. When preparing for writing you study different articles, books, newspapers, journals, write down necessary theories, hypothesizes, ideas. You may use all this information as the basis for your own investigation. But if you mention this information in your paper somehow (quote a scientist’s words or describe some discovery), you should state the informational source in the reference list that is a compulsory element of your assignment paper. As for the design, you should remember the following:

  • The reference list is a separate part of the paper that follows the conclusion;
  • All informational sources stated in the reference list should be put in the alphabetical order.

So, try to keep this information in your mind and you will never be accused of plagiarizing.

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