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There exist two kinds of essay writing which always puzzle students, as it is almost impossible to find a proper definition for them, these two kinds of an essay are narrative expository essay and narrative literacy essay. Read our free sample on formatting a narrative essay:

Thus, while speaking about narrative expository essay definition, you may come across a great number of different long and confusing definitions, which you will not be able to interpret to yourself. We are not going to give a scientific definition of what narrative expository essay is, we are going to explain you with the help of a simple language what you have to write in your narrative expository essay if you have received the task to write it. Therefore, unless you have a sound interest in narrative writing and complete understanding of its fine points, you can always rely on our custom essay writing service we offer end-to-end help with narrative expository essays.


A narrative expository essay is the retelling of the story, as a rule, taken from the personal experience of the student, based on presenting facts. Emotions, feelings, allusions, and all the other kinds of sensitive representing details are out of the question when you deal with the narrative expository essay. Some of our academic essay writers call narrative expository essay as “how to” essay. In contrast to opinion essay, you do not have to provide any of your own speculations about the subject in your narrative expository essay writing. Facts are the only items to be presented in your narrative expository essay. This is the main requirement.  

Another Story

If speaking about narrative literacy essay, the definition is also too complicated one. Thus, narrative literacy essay is the essay devoted to your own personal experience of writing this or that piece of literature, where you should present your own interpretation of what you have read. Narrative literacy essay is considered to be a rather subjective kind of essay, as there you can present your own subjective ideas without paying any attention to what is said in the critic.

However, with the help of simple explanation of these two types of an essay – narrative literacy essay and narrative expository essay – may be not enough for you in order to write a highly qualified assignment. That is why it is recommended to read several samples of the narrative expository essay and narrative literacy essay presented at our site in order to understand in the full measure how to write these two controversial kinds of essay writing.

All the samples presented at our site are given for you free of charge, just use them, and receive the high grade for your narrative literacy essay and narrative expository essay writing.

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Of course, free samples are not substitutes for professionally written narrative essays. Thus, if you need to impress your teacher and get a good grade, do not hesitate to try our professional narrative essay writing service online! We are open 24/7 and our writers are accessible even on weekends! You rest, we work on your assignments!

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