Narrative Essay Outline


It is a skeleton of your narrative essay, which produces information on the main ideas stated in the outline. In other words, a narrative essay outline is a guide for the essay writing process. Outline covers every single part while writing a narrative essay, including the introduction and thesis statement, body parts of your writing, and the concluding idea.


Purpose of the narrative essay outline is two-fold:  

On the one hand, a narrative essay outline helps you follow the preset guidelines. The formal formatting is necessary to help you organize the ideas, add relevant thoughts into the paper, and generate conclusions.

On the other hand, a narrative essay outline is your search guide as it helps you direct the specifics of your research. In particular, when you have a list of ideas you want to uncover in the process of writing; you are able to conduct a thorough research in any sequence of your choice.

Example of Narrative Essay Outline

A standard outline has a specific structure and it does not vary in regards to the type of essay. Here we present you an example of a narrative essay outline on the topic “My personal experience purchasing online”.

Thesis Statement: Advantages and disadvantages of purchasing online.

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The introduction. Purchasing online has become the global social phenomenon which has many advantages as well as disadvantages.

The body part. Advantages of purchasing online (low prices, quick access to a catalogue of goods, good quality of service and others). Disadvantages of purchasing online (extra payments, long-term delivery, the disparity of goods quality from a catalogue’s and others).

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The conclusion. Recommendation on how to increase the benefits of online purchase experience and to reduce the disadvantages of such experience.

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