How To Write A Critique Paper


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Let us clarify some basic points on how to write a critique paper:

  • Critique – means consideration - feedback, review and evaluation of new artistic, scientific or popular science works;
  • Small volume and brevity are the main features of the critique paper. In classics, critique paper finds, above all, the possibility of it's relevant, sharply modern reading;
  • Any product you need to consider in the context of modern life and contemporary literary process: to assess it exactly as a new phenomenon. Such burning is an indispensable feature of critique papers

Tips On How To Write Critique Paper

The impetus to critique papers writing always serves a need to express the attitude towards the work that was read, an attempt to understand the impressions caused by the product, but on the basis of elementary knowledge in literary theory and detailed analysis of the work. The reader may say about the book or movie "like - not like" without evidence. The reviewer must carefully justify his or her view by means of deep and reasoned analysis. Read the example: Find more posts on our blog.

The quality depends on theoretical analysis and reviewer experience, his/her depth of understanding of the subject, the ability to analyze objectively. The relationship between reviewers and the author is a creative dialogue. The author's "I" is manifested openly to affect the reader rationally, logically and emotionally. Therefore, a reviewer uses language means combining the functions of naming and evaluation, book and conversational words and constructions. Criticism is not studying literature but judges it - in order to create a readership, public attitude to those or other writers, actively influence the course of the literary process analysis writing.

What Else?

It is necessary to remember that, while writing critique paper the detailed retelling reduces the value of the paper:

  • First, it will be uninteresting to read the product itself;
  • Second, one of the criteria of weak critique papers is rightly considered an analysis substitution and interpretation of the text by its retelling. Every book begins with the title, which is in the process of reading should be interpreted and guessed

The title of good works always has many meanings, is a kind of symbol, metaphor.

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