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Kafka and Freud embody in personal and intellectual terms the content of the oedipal struggles they described. Both men wanted to achieve autonomy and acceptance, and both had to struggle against the weight of their experienced paternal past in order to work and to succeed. Kafka's struggle remained, in a sense, on a personal level. Freud's became social in that his point of view was organized in a theory and institutionalized in a profession; he may be understood as having codified the demands of the individual for autonomy on the personal and familial levels. This was never a part of Kafka's purpose; Kafka's concern was to create a literature. But to a considerable degree, this literature was a result of the conflicts he experienced within his family, and it is on this basis that parallels between Freud's work and Kafka's can be examined and some light can be shed on the work of a generation. Read our free essay sample on English literature:

The key document in any appreciation of Kafka's position in relation to Freud and his contemporaries is his well-known "Letter to His Father," a remarkable exercise in filial remorse and hostility. Kafka's "Letter" (it ran to some one hundred pages) was supposed to clarify his position with respect to his father; it was, in fact, an act of aggression and would have been so interpreted by his father. His "Letter" has already been recognized as a literary work and as an index of Kafka's psychological insight into the conflicts of fathers and sons. In case, if you don’t have time to write your essay, have a tight deadline coming up, our writing professionals provide a custom personal essay help. However, it is also significant for its sociological implications. Kafka's "Letter" is an excellent description on an individual level of the sociological conditions that account for the lapse of repression and the release of aggression and insight with respect to the paternal figure. What Kafka wrote about here are the effects of the withdrawal of the father from the family into concerns only peripherally associated with the effective life of the family --the father's continued demands for loyalty and submission in spite of the break-in affective relations, the appearance of the father in the middle-class family as a punitive, castrating figure, and the ability of the individual to reflect upon and understand his position in relation to his father once the father's nurturant role in the family has been given up.

It is hardly conceivable that such a document could have been produced prior to the economic and political revolutions of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. It is equally hard to conceive of this kind of aggression being directed at that point in time against the mother for failure to fulfil nurturant functions (in a pre-oedipal sense) with regard to the son or daughter. Mostly, custom personal essay writing generally incorporates both narrative and descriptive writing, which are two of the main modes of writing. 

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