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In terms of racial composition, immigration, internal migration, and regional concentration by race, the four countries vary substantially. Brazil and the United States have a number of demographic characteristics and trends in common: both countries increased their population greatly by large-scale immigration from overseas; until the mid-nineteenth century immigration was mostly involuntary and from Africa; thereafter it became voluntary and was mostly of European and secondarily of Asian origin. The pattern of regional concentration and internal migration by race was also similar in Brazil and the United States. In both countries, the Negro population was heavily concentrated in a major region (the Northeast in Brazil, the Southeast in the United States), and starting in the late nineteenth century there was a progressive dispersion of the Negro population to other regions. When we examine racial distribution macroscopically, we note an increasing spatial homogenization by race, although in the United States and to some extent in Brazil this regional dispersion was accompanied by local concentration by race in urban working-class slums. Both Brazil and the United States are predominantly "white" according to the respective social definitions of that term, even though this was not true for Brazil prior to the twentieth century. Read our free argumentative essay sample:

South Africa and Mexico differ from Brazil and the United States in terms of most demographic aspects of race relations. In both South Africa and Mexico the whites have always been in minority. Transoceanic immigration into Mexico and South Africa from Africa, Asia, and Europe took place, but not on a massive enough scale to upset greatly the "racial" composition of the country. In terms of international but intracontinental migration, South Africa is the recipient and Mexico the exporter of much transient labour. In Mexico, except for the concentration of Negroes in the coastal areas and the capital during colonial times, there have been no major regional concentrations of people of different racial groups. In South Africa there has been a moderate degree of geographical concentration by race in that Indians are concentrated in coastal Natal, Coloureds in the Western Cape, and Africans in rural areas; but both whites and nonwhites are found almost everywhere, and the whites are in minority in nearly all rural and urban areas.

All four countries underwent a process of economic diversification characterized by a growth in the complexity of the division of labour and in the relative importance of the secondary and tertiary sectors (manufacturing and services). Industrialization has proceeded furthest in the United States, with South Africa in second place (if one includes extractive industries). Originally, all four economies were based predominantly on agriculture and mining, but Brazil and the United States had a less diversified agriculture than the other two countries.

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