Explanatory Essay


To write an explanatory essay well, you must at least know and understand how to do it and what to write about. An explanatory essay aims at providing the information about a situation, idea or process and clarifying its essence. Therefore, you should provide as much information about the subject as you need to make it understandable and clear to the reader.

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What to Write/What to Avoid in an Explanatory Essay 

An explanatory essay is a piece of scientific popular writing, so it must be of purely scientific and educative character. That is why you should avoid the use of your own ideas about the subject and terms and expressions that do not fit the scientific (or scientific popular) functional style.

You should also make sure the information you are providing is clear, trustworthy and unbiased. Make your explanation as simple as it is possible. Do your best to present the essence of the process or an idea you are explaining. Read the information and compose your essay taking into account what you have read. And make a plan. It will also help you to stick to the explanatory essay topic and successfully present it. 

How to Arrange an Explanatory Essay Writing

First of all, search for the information on your explanatory essay topic. You can find information on any topic on the internet. You may also find some valuable data on some topics in the quality press or in scientific-popular magazines. Get more writing ideas on our blog: https://essaywritingservices.org/blog/term-paper-ideas.

The next step after you have read and processed the information is to formulate a one-sentence thesis that you are going to support, clarify and add-on in your explanatory essay. This thesis must be brief, clear-cut and easy to understand. Start developing your thoughts from it.

Essay Structure

To convey the explanatory essay topic the best possible way, you must structure your explanatory essay properly. The most logical way to arrange the essay is the body of the essay preceded by the introduction and followed by the conclusion. 

In the introduction, you convey the thesis of your essay and state the basic ideas you are going to develop. In the body, you develop your thoughts and explain the subject basing your explanation on the arguments and findings of scientists. In the final paragraph, you draw the conclusion by briefly summing up what you have written. Have additional questions? Contact our customer support team to get instant help from professional custom writing services.

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