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Thousands of students are using example term papers to write their own projects. There are numerous sample term papers available online to assist you with developing your own topic, organizing your thoughts, and leading your research on the topic. At the same time, many students misuse the example term paper for dishonest purposes: cheating. For example, some students simply copy the term paper they find online and present it as their own. However, the teachers are perfectly aware of the availability of free term papers in the internet and, moreover, they are running the plagiarism detecting software to determine whether or not the student has cheated. Are you sure you want to test your luck and play games with your academic achievement? You may find an article on easy term paper topics useful.

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Example Term Paper: Excerpt

It has long been taught that parents if they must spank their children, should never do so while they are angry, but now even that principle is being called into question by some psychologists and with sound arguments. They say that anger is a universal experience and children have no trouble understanding its consequences. When they have broken something with which they have been expressly forbidden to play, they fortify themselves as best they can against the wrath that is to come, for they know it is coming. The uneasy statement that "Dad's going to do plenty when he sees that" is an indication of their state of mind, and if the father fulfils all expectations they are not surprised. Though not at all pleasant, they consider it wholly logical, and perhaps even just, for him to do so. But if he is very angry and after storming around a bit announces that tomorrow he is going to whip them for it, they stand agape in the presence of one more strange adult phenomenon. They inwardly admit that the occasion is ripe for action; why should the penalty be kept hanging over them for 24 hours? Is he doing it just to torture them? It seems a wholly unnatural gap between cause and effect. Check out our cause and effect essay samples: https://essaywritingservices.org/blog/example-of-cause-effect-essay.html. And if the father admits that the delay is because he doesn't have full control of his emotions--a matter he is in no condition at that time to discuss with them--it will certainly not raise their respect for him.

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