Example of Cause and Effect Essay


If you are reading this page, it means that you have to write cause and effect essay. It is not an easy task, is it? This article presents academic tips on writing cause and effect essay. If you are in need of custom essay writing services or looking for academic assistance with writing and/or editing your cause and effect essay, our writers are online 24/7 to offer help with essay writing. We meet deadlines and we write essays from scratch!

In this paper, you will argue a thesis. Your paper must have a basis in controversy; otherwise, you are likely to find yourself establishing the merely factual or the overwhelmingly obvious. To demonstrate a causal relationship between personality and success, for example, constitutes explanation only. On the other hand, to assert that personality has a greater effect on achievement than does intelligence develops a cause and effect hypothesis that refutes - that is, argues against - a common assumption. Such a topic, of course, could be narrowed to a single quality - determination, self-confidence, conformity, or motivation.

Success requires a similar narrowing. Another example: to establish that how we dress affects our behaviour (or that it has no effect on our behaviour) does involve cause-effect reasoning, but it does not necessarily involve an argument. Read more posts on our blog: https://essaywritingservices.org/blog/cause-and-effect-essay-tips.html. Moreover, to establish the connection (or lack of it) between dress and behaviour in order to advance (or attack) the idea of a student dress code does constitute an argumentative use of cause and effect. Finally, consider the statement, “The trouble with being too open-minded is that your brains may fall out:” Such a proposition, startling and incongruous as it may seem, fits this assignment; it implies a causal relationship as part of an argument against the generally accepted positive standard of open-mindedness and tolerance.

Choose A Topic

Choose an appropriate topic but realize that almost any subject or concept can lend itself to cause and effect analysis. Survey your interests, your impulses, your experiences, and your imagination. Free associate and free write: kindergarten teachers, shopping centres, haste, credit cards, old habits, first impressions, soap operas, indecision, merit raises, musical tastes, and many others. What are causal assumptions made in education, in the media, in politics (particularly in majority rule and minority rights), or in the business world? Do advertisers make causal assumptions? Do educators? Do politicians? Almost any idea can serve as a starting point from which chains of cause and effect and interesting arguments can be formulated.

Develop Relationships

Since most cause-and-effect relationships are complex, you should take care to avoid several pitfalls in analyzing and presenting them. One is a confusion of coincidence and cause - that is, an assumption that because one event preceded another, it must have caused the other. This error is nicknamed post hoc, from the Latin post hoc, ergo proper hoc, meaning “after this, therefore because of this.” Superstitions often illustrate post hoc: a basketball player believes that a charm once ended her shooting slump, so she now wears the charm whenever she plays. But post hoc also occurs in more serious matters. Another potential problem in cause and effect writing is an oversimplification. You must consider not just the causes and effects that seem obvious or important but all the possibilities: remote as well as immediate, minor as well as major.

For instance, the office of a school administrator is vandalized, and he blames the incident on a recent speech by the student-government president criticizing the administration. But the administrator commits the error of post hoc by asserting that the speech caused the vandalism simply because the speech preceded the vandalism. If you need help with examples of personal essays or essay about yourself writing, do not hesitate to order professional custom writing services at our site! We can write an essay on any topic. For example, we can deliver term paper on pro life debate of abortion overnight!

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