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One of the necessary elements of a good essay is the logical flow that is required between sentences and paragraphs. Transition words and phrases are the tools that enable such logical flow. So the proper use of transition essay phrases can make all the difference to a successful essay writing. Transition words and essay phrases act like cement does in the building of a wall they glue all the parts together into a harmonious whole. Without cement, nothing could hold the bricks in place. Just like cement joins brick-transition essay phrases join sentences and paragraphs to add coherence to an essay or literary paper. Get more free literature papers on our blog: Transition essay phrases are useful for linking ideas and acting as a roadmap for your essay. They can also help you to leave one idea behind as you enter a new one. 

Do’s And Don’ts of Transition Essay Phrases

  1. Don’t use transition essay phrases at the start of your essay; (use effective phrases while writing your essay).
  2. Do use transition phrases while beginning a new paragraph.
  3. Do use transition words while elaborating on a point in paragraphs of your essay.

Common Words and Transition Essay Phrases

As a result of; In addition to; Nonetheless, we find; In other words; In a nutshell; Notwithstanding it is true; To sum up; Consequently; Nevertheless, we see; Therefore we find; Furthermore; Because of this; Rather than.   

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Role of Transition Essay Phrases

Transitioning essay phrases for alternate viewpoints. Another possibility is; Then again; By contrast; On the other hand; the contrary view is. Stating the same idea differently. In other words; to put it another way; with this in mind; to see it another way; another way of viewing this is; alternatively. Adding to a point. what is more; in addition; moreover; besides; above all; as well (as).

Writing in lists: first(ly); second(ly); third(ly); to start with; in the first place; additionally; finally.

  • Summing up: therefore; my conclusion is, on the whole; to summarize; to sum up; so we find that;
  • Emphasizing a viewpoint: on the other hand; in the final analysis; in spite of; at the same time; all the same;
  • Viewing the results: therefore; as a result; the consequence is; it is evident that; this suggests that; it follows that; in other words; in that case

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