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Writing any kind of essay students should stick to certain rules concerning essay format. The main features of essay format may be presented in the following form:

  • essay format allows students to make a good essay in the bounds of their study program.
  • essay format includes many styles of writing such as MLA, APA, Turabian, Harvard, Chicago, Oxford and some others.
  • essay format concerns students from the USA, Canada and Great Britain, determining the structure and organization of an academic paper.
  • essay format includes structure which implies three general parts, such as the introduction, the body part and the conclusion.

In this article, we will explain what essay format is in general. Let’s begin with writing your name and your instructor’s in the middle of your essay’s title page. Then you need to divide your essay into several sections, where you will discuss per idea. is a team of truly experienced and educated writers who are devoted to professional custom writing service and offer every customer the high-quality papers and fast delivery. You need to write a table of contents – it will help you to cope with chaos in your thoughts. The contents page gives numbers of pages on which your every section begins. In the way, you organize the body you need to write the table of contents. The citation and references style depends on the style of writing you have chosen.

Talking about essay format we should touch upon essay outline, as it is an essential basic element of writing an academic essay. Essay outline is a structure, according to which you should plan your paper. The general essay outline may be presented in the following form:

  1. You should know that your essay should be five-paragraph. Read more about standard formatting: The first paragraph is called the introductory part, where you need to hook a reader by the first sentence, then to composite, your thesis sentence and the last 3-4 sentences are your outlines for the whole essay, where you state what about you will write further. Do not forget about the transitional sentence in every further paragraph, including this one.
  2. The form of writing another three or more body paragraphs should be according to the basic rules when you need to begin with the topic sentence and then discuss stated reasons or problems in 3-4 sentences.
  3. The last paragraph differs a little, now you need to give your conclusive remarks (that is why it is called conclusive) and restate a thesis sentence from the first paragraph in several sentences. That is all for the essay outline.

If the phenomena of composition and structure, citation and references style, essay format and essay outline are unknown to you and you cannot comprehend the essence of this matter, you may refer to our professional writing service. We are ready to help you in any minute, as we are working 24 hours per day and 365 days per year. We do not have breaks and holidays, as we want you to receive the best orders. The quality of our papers is high and we may do any amendments you want. Here you will find freedom of your desires and we may make your dreams true!

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