Environmental Pollution Cause and Effect Essay


If you are writing an environment pollution cause and effect essay, you should explore different causes contributing to the pollution of environment. You may focus on human-related factors such as emissions of CO2 into the air or you may trace increasing pollution to the technological progress. In any case, your task is to establish a clear link between pollution and specific causes of it. The following essay sample is both cause/effect and persuasive essay. You may read the sample to get ideas for your cause and effect essay writing. If you are in need of essay writing service or need academic advice on cause and effect essay writing, you may try our professional essay writing help online or review our blog for tips on writing and examples of personal essays.

Environmental Pollution Cause And Effect Essay Sample

Nausea, headaches, asthma, and allergies, these are some of the initial symptoms brought about by air pollution. These could lead to more extreme conditions such as emphysema, chronic bronchitis, lung cancer and liver failure. Black soot and black smog, these are the signs of the danger that is all around us. Air pollution is one of our country's crippling concerns. According to a report by Christina Hermoso of the Manila Bulletin in October 1998, air pollution accounts for 15% of deaths of infants 320 deaths to asthma and bronchitis in 1994 and afflicts 2 out of 20 children with asthma every year. It contributes to the escalating problem of excessive Greenhouse Effect and spreads dangerous lead into our atmosphere. Read more about us: https://essaywritingservices.org/blog/term-paper-writing-service.html.

Primarily, air pollution is caused by vehicles as they combust fossil fuel. In June to July 2003, only 1,748 vehicles passed emission testing out of 4,701 - a mere 37%. The remaining 63% roam the city streets, emitting plumes of deadly smoke. In David Newton's book, Taking a Stand Against Environmental Pollution, he explains that, “When fossil fuels burn, they produce substances that can be harmful to plants and humans…. These substances include 1) the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels, 2) their complete combustion and 3) the combustion of impurities.” Complete combustion releases carbon dioxide and oxygen into the air and contributes to the Greenhouse Effect. Incomplete combustion of fuel produces impurities called carbon and carbon monoxide particulates. These particulates in small amounts cause nausea, comas and death. Our reputable custom writing services are able to provide the customer with 100% quality guarantee. In case you are not satisfied with the final research, we will discuss further additional options including reassigning the order and returning money back. Our company has an absolutely personalized approach to all your writing needs. These impurities are generally called PM-10 particles and in an interview with Mrs Clarissa Arandia, a master's degree holder in Chemistry, and a teacher in the Ateneo de Manila High School, (See Appendix C) explains that PM-10 particles are particulate matter with 2.5 micrometers or microns (2.5m x 10-6) to 10 microns (10.0m x 10-6) in diameter. These particles are then absorbed by the body and remain in the lungs. As foreign objects, the body tries to get rid of them, but PM-2.5 and PM-10 particles are too small for the body to get rid of completely and safely. Eventually, this will result in chronic bronchitis (coughing up of excessive mucus), pulmonary emphysema (enlarged and damaged alveoli), lung cancer, and even death.

With air pollution looming around us, we can expect vitalities and health slowly ebb away. Eventually, life expectancies will shorten and prove everyday life dangerous. As the most intelligent species on our planet, it is our duty to protect and preserve our Earth. Acting as stewards is a very daunting task, but it is possible nonetheless. There are many ways we can prevent air pollution depending on the level of our capabilities. We can achieve this by making a change in our lifestyles as an individual and a community and letting the government sign more regulatory legislatures. In addition, you may request professional help with literature term papers writing term paper on pro life debate of abortion at our site! We write original essays and papers for you!

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