English Term Paper


English term paper can be written on the following topics (of course, there are many more topics; these are only recommendations):

  • Alphabet: «The English alphabet contains 26 letters. Transfer of English-speaking names is defined enough by the difficult system of rules, the compromise between phonetic and letter systems. The set of names and names, however, are transferred by tradition, archaically, in the partial or full contradiction to these rules..."
  • Writing a term paper in English characterizes modern English language: «Practically there is no word change depending on a word role, including on cases; case relations are transferred by a position of words in the offer and prepositional designs…"
  • Phonetics: «If we take for comparison unit a so-called standard pronunciation of English language in England, the states of Commonwealth and the USA, disregarding features of modern dialects and adverbs of the USA we can note..." Order a high-quality term paper in English literature: https://essaywritingservices.org/blog/literature-term-papers.html
  • English term paper describes morphology: "Words of English language became shorter in connection with two processes: the first, completely captured language, disruption of the terminations. This process has transformed synthetic Old English language in almost purely analytical New English... The second process grasps only a part of the lexicon of English language. It is mastering by loan words of stronger German accent… "
  • Dictionary: "When say that English language, so language mixed it not in an equal measure concerns its grammar and the dictionary. In the grammatical structure of English language, it is very difficult to separate elements from elements by which it is obliged to own development… "
  • Spelling: "The spelling of English language is considered to be one of the most difficult for studying among Indo-European languages. Reflecting rather truly English speech of the period of Revival, it at all does not correspond to the modern oral speech of British, Americans, Australians and other native speakers… "
  • English term paper gives the definition to the periods and history: " It is accepted to divide the history of English language into following periods: Old English (450-1066), Middle English (1066-1500), New English (with 1500 till our time)..."
  • Old English period: «Ancestors of present Englishmen are the German tribes which have moved to the British Isles in the middle of V-th century. During this epoch their languages were, but in the subsequent development, they have far departed from other German languages. During the Old English period, English-Saxon language (so many researchers name Old English language) changes a little..."
  • Middle English period: ' The following period in the development of English language covers the time from 1066 to 1485…
  • English term paper shows the development of English language at New English period: "The period of development of English language to which language of modern England belongs also begins at the end of XV century. At the heart of the language is fixed. This fastening was promoted especially by publishing introduction…"
  • Dialects
  • English term paper can be written in English and modern English languages
  • Scotland, the Wales and Ireland
  • Dialects of the American English
  • Pseudo-dialects

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