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When students have to write a descriptive essay, they need to stick to the general rules of writing essays and description details. They try to get a descriptive essay example or free descriptive essay from the Internet just to see what aspects should be written and what requirements should be met. On the other hand, they use these examples as their own essays forgetting about the deadly enemy of the educational process – plagiarism. Contacting our professional custom writing services, you get a chance to receive an outstanding essay and discounts, get an A+ and succeed in your studies!

For that very reason, we do not write a descriptive essay example but provide you with general tips on writing essays. Of course, a descriptive essay exampleis kind of benefit for students, as they become more confident in the right process of description when they have a sample in front of them.

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This point can help you build your essay in the right way. To describe things is the first step, but then you should move to the features of the character of a described person, to the characteristics of a described object, etc. For example, if you want to write about the physical appearance of your father and his diligent character, describe his rough hands and move to the statement “He has rough hands because he works a lot”.  


Do not ignore the structure of a descriptive essay example. The introduction, the body part and the conclusion should be comprised in your essay. The organized essay impresses a reader step-by-step.

What Is a Descriptive Essay?

Another plus of having a descriptive essay exampleis a possibility to recognize the type of essay. For this purpose, you can look into a free descriptive essay and your essay and discover the absence of description or correct conclusions. Then you will be able to separate the essays which describe those which persuade.

Academic Advice

Ultimately, a descriptive essay example is a good helper in the ideas for your own article. A little advice is to collect many free essays and make up your own remaking and combining some parts. Your own excellent essay is ready for submission. Nevertheless, remember that a descriptive essay gives not only the description but also provides information on how the vivid details can accomplish the image by using interesting comparisons and metaphorical language. The vocabulary should be fresh and varied. Use as many as possible adjectives, word-combinations and bright synonyms.

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