Description Essay


Having the ability to observe and assess a process or subject will come in handy for any class. For instance, in a political science class, you may be asked to describe the democratic process and how it functions in the U.S. In a biology class, you may need to describe the process of photosynthesis. Descriptions will also be an essential part of any textbook, so as you read the materials for your classes, make note of when descriptions are used and how they are structured. provides students with quality academic writing services, editing & proofreading services.


Outside of the academic world, you will probably find yourself writing descriptions on a regular basis. On a resume, you will need to describe essential skills and qualities that you possess. Or when writing a letter to the editor, you find yourself describing the crowded conditions of local roadways. If you pause to think for a moment, you could probably come up with many more real-life situations where descriptions will come in handy. Besides, our professional essay writing service offers you 24/7 support with your paper assignments through customer representatives that are available on call, email, and live chat.


When brainstorming the details to include in your description, it’s important to be selective about how many details that you include. After all, you want to convey an image to your readers, but at the same time, you don’t want to overwhelm them with too many details. When describing a small subject, perhaps a blade of grass for your biology class, it’s easy to be detailed about that subject.

However, when you move on to a much larger and more complex subject, perhaps the two-party system in American politics, there are so many details that you could include that you need to consider carefully what you want your dominant impression to be. Read the essay sample on American history:

Essentially, the dominant impression is the overall image of the subject that you want to convey to your readers. What, specifically, do you think is important for them to know about that subject? As the writer, you are in control of what does and does not go in the essay. So, before writing a description, ask yourself what your main purpose is in the description. When the readers close up the descriptive essay writing, what lasting image do you want them to take away?


For instance, the two-party system in American politics is a huge subject for a descriptive essay writing. So, out of necessity, you will need to thoroughly consider the subject and narrow down the scope of your description. Perhaps you just want to focus on the process of candidate selection for each party and describe the most recent election and how that process worked. Once you’ve narrowed in on your dominant impression, only focus on the process of candidate selection and ignore any details that don’t relate to that subject.

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