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Definition essays on racism should be written in your own words. Of course, you are encouraged to consult different sources of information; however, it does not mean that you should use ideas of others as your own. Racism is an old concept but its meaning is changing all the time. You can also approach the concept of racism from the historical or modern social perspective. If you are not limited in the choice of the topic, you have the great variety of themes to choose from. This page contains a short sample essay on racism. You may use this definition essay on racism to create your own argument. In addition, you may use our professional essay writing services. We can write your essay on racism from scratch and in accordance with all requirements and instruction points.

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Definition Essays On Racism: Free Excerpt

By the 1930s a few judicial decisions began to nibble at the edifice of racial segregation, and both the Great Depression and the New Deal policies exercised a certain level effect between poor whites and poor Negroes. Migration outside the South continued, if only in search of nondiscriminatory relief. However, it took World War II to unleash forces powerful enough to undermine the racial status quo. Negro migration to the large industrial centres of the North, the Great Lakes, and as far as the West Coast greatly accelerated during the war and continued thereafter. By 1960 only 61 percent of Negroes were living in the South and only 21 percent of the southern population was Negro. More servicemen than ever before fought and lived abroad, albeit in a Jim Crow army, and came in contact with societies in which racial bigotry did not exist. The strong incentive not to waste manpower motivated the establishment of Fair Employment Practices Commissions and opened up new occupational opportunities for Negroes. Racism, of course, was far from dead, as shown by the wartime internment of United States citizens of Japanese descent condoned by Franklin D. Roosevelt. Placing an order at, you get definition essay help of high academic quality. We guarantee the unique value of every definition essay we write:

The major landmarks of the history of postwar desegregation, such as the 1948 integration of the Armed Forces, the 1954 Supreme Court decision the integration of public schools, and the Montgomery bus boycott, are too well known to need reiterating here. Suffice it to say that the amount of progress realized to date warrants neither the optimism nor the complacency which, until the last three or four years, was fashionable among "liberal" intellectuals and social scientists. The objective situation has improved, to be sure, but the change is impressive only by conservative standards.

Recent developments seem to highlight two points. First, with the "revolution of rising expectations" on the part of Negro Americans, the gap between reality and aspirations has increased in spite of progress; consequently, the level of racial conflict, of frustration, and of alienation has risen in the past few years. The present situation is probably more explosive than ever before. Second, the real progress which has been made in the past seven years is the result of mass militancy and of the adoption of unconventional methods of protest such as passive resistance and civil disobedience by the oppressed minorities, rather than of magnanimity and benevolence from the Federal government or the dominant group at large.

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