Characteristics of Cause and Effect Essays


Before you start writing cause and effect essay, you must distinguish the causes from the effects: causes are the reasons that something happened, while effects are only the results of the thing that happened. Take advantage of our professional custom writing services. Place an order now and get help with writing a cause and effect essay at an affordable price.

Multiple Causes And Effects

Multiple causes can have one effect or at least can have one cause. Besides, multiple causes can have multiple effects. One event can produce a chain of consequences.

Clear Purpose

A cause and effect essay may be expressive, but more often it is informative, persuasive, or both. Some cause and effect essays have more than one purpose.

Clear Thesis Statement

The thesis identifies the topic. Then, it makes an assertion about that topic. The thesis must suggest whether the essay will focus on causes, effects, or both. Usually, research on the topic is needed to locate evidence that will support the thesis.

Logical Organization

Chronological order - Most-to-least or least-to-most order.

Detailed Analysis

It is obliged to include in your cause and effect analysis writing: examples, facts, descriptions, comparisons, statistics, anecdotes. The causal analysis may recognize or dispel readers' assumptions (this reassures readers that other viewpoints have been recognized).

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