Cause and Effect Essay Sample


The following cause and effect essay sample (excerpt) is written about the DNA testing as a tool to convict criminals. The cause and effect essay is written to show that advances in technology and medical sciences make our society better because innovations empower law enforcement officers to catch criminals more effectively.

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The Innocence Protection Act

The first article chosen for discussion is written by Rochelle Haller who has conducted the intensive research related to the DNA testing as the method to justify wrongly convicted people. She starts with the critical examination of the judicial system in the US and using statistical data proves that DNA technology is rightly utilized to prove the innocence. She focuses on the legal obligation of the state to grant each prisoner the right to DNA testing under the Innocence Protection Act of 2001. The data found in the article is of high informational value because Haller does not only talk about this act but analyses the events and other laws that have resulted in the passage of Innocence Act. The author has devoted several pages to the examination of the changes this act has resulted in regarding the federal, the state and the constitutional legislation.

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Haller has presented a lot of interesting information that is not covered by other authors. For example, in the section “Effect of the Act of current federal law”, she examines how the system of applying for DNA testing works and why some of the convicted are granted such right while others are refused. Thus, when the convicted makes the application for DNA testing, the court is obligated to notify the government. After the response is received, the government takes on the responsibility to ensure that all evidence is secured.

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Thus, the responsibility for DNA testing and DNA sample collection is not the responsibility of the court but of the government. The court, in addition, determines if the evidence still exists and there is the possibility for DNA testing. For example, if there is no evidence that can be tested using DNA then the application will be rejected. Moreover, if the prisoner is not able to pay for DNA testing the government is obligated to cover the expenses. Since the year 2001, the government has to preserve all of the evidence that can be used for DNA testing even if the person is already convicted. If you want to learn how to write a cause and effect essay, how to write a narrative essay, and personal narrative essays, do not miss an opportunity to read our blog.

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