Cause and Effect Essay Outline


Cause and effect essay should be written in accordance to the specific format. While the specification of the format may vary from institution to institution, the fundamentals of the outline structure remain the same for all types of cause and effect essays. This article presents you with several important academic essay writing tips which you may find useful to apply in your own writing.

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In addition to the standard outline elements such as introduction with a thesis statement and a conclusion with a summary of key ideas, cause and effect essay outline should include a specific body format. The following list presents the key elements of the cause and effect essay outline body:

  • Cause 1 (present the first cause of the phenomena: for example, “technological advances lead to global warming because …);
  • Cause 2 (present the second cause of the phenomena: for example, “unwise use of natural resources by people leads to global warming because…);
  • Cause 3 (present the third cause of phenomena: for example, “people lack responsibility to take care of the natural environment and their arrogance leads to the global warming…)
  • Effect (critically put all three causes together to prove their relation to the effect). 

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The above outline structure is rather flexible and you can easily modify it to meet your objectives. For example, you may start with the presentation of the effect and then discuss the causes of it. Alternatively, you may want to write in the format: cause-effect, cause-effect, and cause-effect. Read the simple guideline on formatting your essay: Furthermore, you may present one cause and three effects of it (for example, the impact of global warming on people, animals, and the planet).  Use your imagination and do not be afraid to experiment with the data, format, and structure.

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