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Nicolas Gomez Davila wrote ‘Bad writers increase the number of bad books, bad readers make good books die’. Reading a book is important, but analyzing it is even more important. Otherwise, the reading is useless, nothing is gained afterwards. Do not confuse the book analysis with personal attitude ‘I like it’ or ‘I dislike it’. The book critical analysis calls for maximum objectiveness and finding advantages and disadvantages. Writing the book analysis piece is a complicated task since a pile of information has to be kept in mind. Thus benchmarks will help you to perform the book analysis. Learn more about writing a descriptive analysis:

Benchmarks for Book Analysis

In your book analysis the following elements have to be analyzed:

The Idea. Something that makes an author decide on writing a book is meant by the idea. If the idea of a book is banal and unamusing, the value of it decreases dramatically. Even with a beautiful language, impressive dialogues and intrigue, such book is useful and there is almost nothing to analyze. Here, at, trusted website specializes in academic custom writing services, you can purchase a completely unique original book analysis.

The Plot. The idea mentioned above takes shape in the plot. Despite the great idea, the plot can spoil readers’ attitude towards the book. If it is protracted, too complicated, filled with unnecessary elements, no one will simply understand the idea or understand it incorrectly.

The Characters. Very often the book, and thus the book analysis, is grounded on the relationship of characters. ‘Crime and punishment’ by Feodor Dostoevsky is a good example of a relationship-based book. In this case, a book analysis becomes a book character analysis. If characters are portrayed poorly, they are dead.

The Style. The style is something that differentiates a good writer and a 'graphomania'. Reading and analyzing opuses of great classical writers, it is hard not to notice their outstanding and inimitable style. When you write the book analysis, you should consider if the book is read easily, the language is rich and vivid. Also, analyze which literary devices are used by the author and what makes his style unique (not practical in all cases). The point is book analysis considered to draw a conclusion and advances your analytical skills. Don't have enough time for writing a book analysis? Turn to our reliable custom writing service that will handle with all of your assignments in shortest terms. 

Depending on the genre of the book, some elements may be missing. You should also pay attention to the book entirety. If you face problems with writing the book analysis because it is of generous size, you may perform a play(character) analysis. Regardless of the book, you decided to analyze, remember that the analysis of each book is unique since every book is unique. All abovementioned benchmarks are only recommendations on the book analysis, thus there is no single mechanism for it. Benchmarks will help you to find out what to start with and then structure your analysis.

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