Bioethics Case Study


Bioethics case study provides us with a way to analyze and think about difficult medical and moral situations. This case study is about the ban on smoking in all public places, including restaurants, businesses, and bars. This ban will require businesses to set aside an area a few feet outside the business where people may smoke. Case studies are being used more and more in college and university to show that students can understand how a situation can influence a group or individual in real life. As always, our professional essay writing services provide a full case study writing. Let our experienced writers do your bioethics case study for you!

In most European countries and in lots of states of United States this ban already exists. For example, California has a measure in place. It prohibits all smoking of tobacco products in 100% of enclosed places of employment. The objective is to reduce employee exposure to environmental tobacco smoke. Smokers may have an enclosed smoking room if it has proper ventilation. Employers must also post nonsmoking signs at the entrance to their establishment. This includes all restaurants and bars.

Opponents Of Smoking Bans

According to the bioethics case study many business people, especially restaurant and bar owners, oppose smoking bans. These owners argue that they should be able to operate their businesses as they want and that imposed smoking bans take away that right. They are also afraid that the revenues will decrease in the case that smokers will no longer patronize their establishments. However, some bioethics case study shows that smoking bans have no significant effect on overall profits. Read our free essay sample:

Discrimination Against Smokers

Most smokers feel discriminated against such bans and laws that restrict where the smokers can go. It does not bother them that they cannot smoke when they are doing some shopping, but the proposed ban in restaurants and bars made them really angry.

On the other side of the bioethics case study, there are thousands of people who cannot stand the smoke, for example, allergic people. They have to stay away from smoke in all possible ways because it triggers their asthma or some other decease. While smokers claim that smoking bans infringe on their personal freedom, we should remember that people should be allowed to act as they want as long as their actions do not harm others. If you are around smokers, you have no choice but to breathe in the smoke they exhale, and that the harmful effects of breathing secondhand smoke have been documented.

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