Behavior Case Study


According to this behavior case study, children are very important part of the family buying process. The first thing to remember about your case study writing is that the case should have a problem for the readers to solve. Marketing theory suggests five main roles that they play in a family buying process:

  • Initiator
  • Influencer
  • Decider
  • Buyer
  • User

Of course, children have a great influence on family buying decisions from cars to holidays. However, they are also the buyers for the future. As the child will be given toys or products of one trademark or brand, it could create the attitude of loyalty at such an early age. But how should business market to children? We provide professional case study writing services, plagiarized free papers to ensure guaranteed satisfaction.

Marketing To Children

Due to our behavior case study products have to appeal to the conflicting needs of child and parent, and fight off increasing competition. The bright example is marketing in food. A few years ago, children would not have a damn about some product, but today’s dairy products should encompass everything starting from cheese to yoghurts.

Marketers also have to recognize that children are moving into new markets. Children as young as seven buy DVD's and no teenage lifestyle will be complete without a mobile phone. This has a knock-on effect. For example, the money children spend on mobile phone cards reduces the money they spend on snacks.

Marketers also need to be sensitive to the peculiarities of markets in some way related to children. It may seem attractive to use an active marketing campaign to make a product stand out. Learn how to secure and create a great marketing case study. However, a poorly average campaign could have a bad result on the product because of the possibility of being attacked by ethical campaigners, mothers, health and safety organizations and educationalists, and others.

But most marketers face challenges in shoving products in a way that attracts children. Advertising displays have to be able to handle child usage (or abuse) and capture a child’s imagination and attention. A good example of successful work is Disney that has a reputation for being particularly good at interactive promotional marketing. Read the following article that touches upon a very problematic question nowadays:

A lot of children also prefer Woolworth's to supermarkets because of features such as pick 'n' mix sweets. Particularly the Early Learning Centre now is succeeding because of making a playground, which allows children to play with toys, rather than leaving them wrapped in plastic.

Behavior Case Study Writing Help

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