Argumentative Papers


Argumentative papers are rather frequently assigned at schools and colleges. Every student should know how to express their personal points of view and support them with reasonable arguments. That is why skills in writing argumentative papers is a requirement for students, and if you do not have these skills yet, read this article. Learning how to write argumentative papers is similar to learning an art, but it is much easier as well since it does not require some special talents. You just have to learn how to formulate your claim, support it persuasively, and draw a conclusion. If you need assistance with persuasive essay format or looking for individual help with persuasive essay writing, you may try our professional writing services online.

One more essential thing about writing argumentative papers is that you should first determine your audience. What kind of audience should argumentative papers address? Your classmates, tutor, or the general public? It matters since different kinds of the reader have different positions, may have a different reaction to what they read about, and possess different amounts of information. If you are unaware of this, ask your tutor whom you should regard your target reader to be. Read the free essay sample:

Next, you should know about argumentative papers is their constituents. Usually, argumentative papers consist of:

  • A thesis statement (proposition, hypothesis, assumption, the main idea);
  • Historical background (the historical context of the problem under discussion);
  • Reasons (supporting ideas for your thesis);
  • Counter-arguments (opposing viewpoints);
  • Responses (answers to opposing points of view)

These constituents should be put together in order to make argumentative papers well organized and properly structured. specialises in argumentative essay writing services. We can make your assignment stress free by writing it for you within short terms. Our writers strike for your success.

We would also like to give you some basic recommendations on how to make argumentative papers:

  • Avoid emotions, since emotions contradict scientific style required for such kind of papers;
  • Do not write about something you do not believe in or something you doubt about;
  • Avoid personal pronoun “I” when dealing with argumentative papers, since it is not acceptable in scientific style;
  • Check the validity of the sources before you refer to them in argumentative papers

Now, let us present you several argumentative paper topics. At least one of them should certainly raise your interest:

  • Animal Testing: Should It Be Prohibited?;
  • Rock’n’roll Era: Was It Significant or Not?;
  • Cosmetic Surgery: Should People Break Nature’s Creation?;
  • Should People Achieve Their Purpose No Matter What It Might Cost Them?;
  • Should All People on the Earth Become Vegetarians?;
  • Religion and Atheism: Who Is Going to Win?

If any of the argumentative paper topics given above aroused your interest, do not forget to consult your tutor first. You may also find it helpful to review tips on argumentative essays about prejudice in higher education writing.

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