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 Are you searching for an argumentative essay sample? Then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will find an argumentative essay sample that will help to create you on paper by analogy with what you see.

Let us start with an example of an argumentative essay title. Mind that it should not be overcomplicated, too long, or too scandal. The key point is that it should tell the reader about the main idea of your paper. If you are writing an argumentative essay and want to learn more about making an argument essay persuasive, read the following tips or contact us for professional essay writing services!

Argumentative Essay: Sample Of A Title

“Euthanasia: a Murder or the Right to Decide When to Die?”

From this argumentative essay sample title, one can guess what the paper is going to be about. That is why it is formulated quiet correctly.

Argumentative Essay: Sample Of A Thesis Statement

“Since every person has a right to decide whether to live suffering or to die, we cannot blame physicians for committing murder.” You can also find more argumentative essay samples of thesis statement on educational websites. Mostly, highly-qualified tutors give their tips on how to formulate thesis statements there, and you are sure to find more argumentative essay samples of personal statements.

Argumentative Essay: Sample Of An Introduction

“Debates over the problem of euthanasia have always been hot, especially when it concerned condemning physicians in committing murder. Thus, Dr. Kevorkian has recently been condemned according to the court decision.” Pay attention to how the problem under discussion is introduced in this argumentative essay sample of an introduction and try to make your own by analogy. In case, you stuck with writing an argumentative essay, you can always rely on our professional essay writing services which have many years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers! 

Argumentative Essay: Sample Body

  1. In the body, you have to support your thesis statement with reasonable examples, experts’ viewpoints, statistics, etc. So, learn how this should be done in the argumentative essay sample given below:  
  2. “Dr Eric Chevlen in his editorial “The Cleveland Plain Dealer”, argues that the tortures of those patients incurably ill can enhance due to the depression. That is why euthanasia is quite a good way out of this situation.” Be aware of euthanasia as a serious political, moral and ethical issue in today's society. Read our free essay sample:

Argumentative Essay: Sample Conclusion

“Hence, those physicians supporting euthanasia feel morally obligated to relieve pain in their patients and help them die more comfortably. That is why euthanasia is not a murder”. In the concluding part, the personal statement should be restated and what you have said above should be summarized. So, make use of the examples presented above and learn how to write an argumentative essay with our help. You may also enjoy reading our blog on persuasive essay format and it's writing requirements!

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