Write a Reaction Paper

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Write a Reaction Paper: Preparation for Expressing One’s Own Attitude

If you are a student, you may get an assignment to write a reaction paper. But before getting down to this task you should understand what a reaction paper is, first of all. This kind of paper is called to render your attitude to a book or an article that you have read or a movie that you have seen. So, you should think over your writing very well in order to express your thoughts and feelings in the clear and at the same time interesting way.

Before you begin to write a reaction paper you will have to do a lot of work! Let’s split this work into several stages:

  1. Study the subject that is the topic of your reaction paper properly. Writing a reaction paper suggests expressing of one’s own attitude to the topic. So, how can you describe your feelings if the subject concerned is unfamiliar to you? After getting acquainted with the subject of your study (reading or watching) write down the main points that will be helpful for you in your writing. Put down the main idea of a book/an article/a movie, the main characters, the period of time and the surrounding described (in the case of an article it will be only the subject of the discussion, of course). Then you should form your own attitude to the work. Try to answer several questions:
  • Did you like the book/the article/the movie?
  • Do you find the main idea of the work actual?
  • Do you agree or disagree with the author’s opinion concerning the highlighted problem?
  • What can you add about the issue?
  1. Make a thesis statement. It is an important part of the preparation work as a thesis statement will determine what you will write about. Point out the main issue that is the most interesting for you (for instance, you may give some examples, maybe, even from the personal experience).
  2. Make an outline of your paper. Be sure, it will help you write a reaction paper. Point out the main aspects you want to discuss in your paper. Do not forget about the constituent parts that this paper should consist of:
  • the introduction;
  • the main body;
  • the conclusion.

How to write a reaction paper?

When you write a reaction paper, do not forget to use the 1st person. That is because you describe your own thoughts and emotions. Use such phrases as “I believe”, “to my mind”, “my opinion is that”, “I cannot but agree to the author that” and so on.

Pay attention: your reaction paper should not be larger than 5 pages.

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