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Some students may think that to make movie analysis is a very easy task. To prove this opinion they may even present several arguments. Often reading a literary work takes much more time than watching a movie. That is why the process of preparing for the writing of movie analysis is much easier. When you watch a movie you have no need to imagine characters or scenes. A director of the movie has done it for you. But such opinion is erroneous. One should stress that making movie analysis is rather solid and complex work. It also requires some skills, efforts and time.

What Does Movie Analysis Mean?

If you have to make movie analysis, that means that you should: 

  • Study the movie you are going to analyze;
  • Find out the main idea of this movie;
  • Define the way it is realized. For this purpose, you should analyze the movie in general (make movie plot analysis) and pay attention to the details (make movie character analysis, movie scene analysis and movie summary analysis).

Movie Analysis Is Beyond The Plot

To make good deep movie critical analysis it will not be enough for you to have the general idea about the movie plot. You should know:

  • Who are the characters in the movie?;
  • What are they occupied?;
  • What events are described in the movie?;
  • Where do they take place?;
  • In what way do they change the life of the movie characters?

That is why you should watch the movie you are going to analyze several times and make some notes. After watching the movie for the first time put down the general information concerning the plot, the characters and the events highlighted. When some time passes (as a rule, 2 or 3 days), watch the movie once more. This time pay special attention to some details. Try to define the main idea of the movie after watching. It will be better to watch it once more.

Find and study some informational materials on this movie:

  • What work is it based on?;
  • How was it made?; 
  • Has the director some other movies?;
  • What are they?

Only after the thorough study, you may get down to your movie analysis. Thus, making movie analysis is not so easy task. It requires the deep study of the analysis subject and the thorough preparation for writing.

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