Response Essay

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Response Essay: How to Write a Good One

As it is simple to understand from the title of the response essay, this kind of academic writing is a response of the writer to some other’s works. There are many kinds of different response essays, however, the most frequent ones are response essay to a picture and response to literature, as these two kinds of art are considered to be the most popular ones with the public.

So, what do we have to know in order to write a good response essay? While you are writing your response essay, you mention there your own impressions, thoughts, ideas, and attitude to the object or person you are making a response to. This kind of academic writing is a very subjective one, as each person has his or her own perception of reality. Critical abilities are those to be shown within any response essay writing.

One of the main principles of writing response essays is to make a parallel between the work you analyze and your own personal experience. If you manage to draw such a parallel in your response essay, you will write a professional response essay, based on the personal experience and background, which is doomed to success. One more condition of the professional response essays writing is to observe the structure of response essay.     

Structure of response essay writing

  • Introduction. In this part, you have to make thesis at the subject what or who you are going to response to in your response essay and to provide several reasons why you have chosen this very topic.  
  • Body. This part discloses the thesis you have made in introduction. It is better to deal with several aspects of responding while writing your response essay in order it to be informative, fully researched, and proved. To make your response essays you are to use special techniques in order to attach the reader’s eye and to make the proper impact upon the reader. Metaphors, similes, alliterations, allegories, personifications, onomatopoeias are those to be used.        
  • Conclusion. This part sums up all the above-mentioned ideas. In order to write a good response essay, you have to persuade your readers in the correctness of your believes in this very part.

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