Professional Essays

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Professional Essays

The writing of professional essays is a vital part of college life. So what makes an essay a truly professional one? Read on to discover some of the necessary steps for writing professional essays.

The first step

The first and most vital step to writing a professional essay is to ensure that you have thoroughly read about and around the topic. Take a look at all the authoritative sources on the subject starting with some of the most recent ones- as these will give a fair summary of earlier thoughts on the subject. Ensure that you jot down the most important points that can help you to analyze the subject.

The main purpose of professional essays is to inform the reader about the topic- so it is always a good idea to write on a topic on which you are an expert, in order to write well informed professional essays.

The second step

Professional essays don’t just get written in the first shot. After doing the research the next important step is to write out the essay outline along with a well thought out structure. This will require you to do some brainstorming after thoroughly understanding what is required of you. Jot down the most important point first-(this can later be developed in to your thesis statement). Next write the other points in order of importance-(each one of these can be developed later in to supporting paragraphs that reinforce the thesis statement.)

Lastly you need to write out the outline of a strong and effective concluding paragraph. Professional essays need to start with an interesting beginning that grabs the reader’s attention-and end with a strong conclusion that reinforces your thesis statement.

The format

Professional essays have to be in the right format. Essay instructions usually specify whether you are required to write in an APA, MLA, Chicago or Harvard referencing formats. This will mean that the referencing format will vary from one to another while the other basic requirements of writing with:

  • Double spaced lines
  • With one inch margins
  • In 12 pt fonts
  • Using Times New Roman, Ariel or Courier New fonts remains the same

Lastly Professional essays must end with a works sited or a bibliography page giving such details as the name of the author, title of the book as well as the publisher and place-(in different orders for different formatting styles.) This is the final step for truly Professional essays.