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It could be that you have been asked to write an admission essay on a topic as general as, ‘Tell us about yourself’ It could also be that you have plenty to tell the admission committee about-like your goals, dreams and aspirations, what you hope to achieve and the different experiences as well as qualities that you have that will help you to excel in the particular course and college. But is this the right way to do it?

Narrative Essay: Choosing a theme

One of the first mistakes you need to avoid in order to write a winning admission essay is laundry lists and opening statements like, “I have always wanted to become a psychologist.” (yawn) It is precisely essays such as this that can put the admissions committee to sleep halfway through your essay. This is why it is so important for you to use what is known as a narrative essay format.

A narrative essay format should begin with a dramatic description from real life in which you were confronted with the valuable effects of psychotherapy. But remember that you don’t need to ‘tell’ it you need to ‘narrate’ it. Since time immemorial man has always been fascinated by the allure and power of a really good story. A narrative essay format helps you to draw on that fascination in order to capture the interest and empathy of your reader.

Narrative Essay: Once upon a time

A narrative essay format draws on the art of storytelling by first deciding on a fitting theme. One of the winning admission essays from a leading university used the fascinating theme of an old photograph to inform the reader about how their life had changed and how the writer had changed as a person since that photograph was taken

Narrative Essay: Describe the details

People love to read about descriptive incidents from real life-(while just relayed facts can be quite boring.) Flash forwards and flashbacks are other interesting writing techniques that are often used by a narrative essay format. These can inform the reader about incidents from the past or relay the person into getting a better idea of what you hope for in the future and the best part is that by using a narrative essay format you are doing this in the best possible and most interesting way from the reader’s point of view.

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