Document Based Essay

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Document Based Essay: What Is It?

To write a successful document based essay, you have to keep in mind the purpose of this very essay writing which is to check your ability to formulate and support an answer with the help of documentary evidence. That is why while writing your document based essay, you do not have to give a correct single answer to the problems you are going to deal with while writing; you will have to present all the existing approaches to the subject of your document based essay. It is not enough to preset your knowledge in the subject of document based essay writing.

You have to show your ability to set a question from the prism of investigated and studied material related to the topic of your document based essay writing. This is the main task.

How To Succeed In Writing?

To succeed in document based essay papers writing you have to read and analyze the text under consideration first, and only after thorough analyzing of the text you are able to build a proper respond to the questions you have to answer in your document based essay. You have to identify the main point of view of the given text, if there are several approaches mentioned in this very text you have to name all of them in your document based essay writing.

It does not matter which topic you are going to devote your document based essay to; an interesting and honest question is the proper beginning for any document based essay, which is able to claim for the highest grade. However, never try to create a question until you get acquainted with the material devoted to the topic of your document based essay writing. It is possible to set a proper question only after you have explored the topic inside out and understood all the details.

The Main Rule of Essay Writing

One of the main rules you have to remember while writing your document based essay is that you have to present the authors of all the points of view you mention in your work, or otherwise, you will be blamed in plagiarism and your document based essay will lose its sense. However, at this point, you do not have to make citations; it is not demanded by the rules of document based essay writing. To mention a source is quite enough in order to deal with some point of view you consider to be necessary of mentioning in your document based essay writing.