Definition Essay

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Definition Essay

Students may be happy if they have an assignment to write a definition essay, as maybe it is the easiest assignment they might ever write. In the very name of such essay, one can guess that a student should define a term. The only key moment in such writing is the definition of not concrete terms, which are easily looked up in any dictionary, but a definition of abstract terms, such as Love, Hate, Friendship and others, which do not have a certain approach. The topic may be different, but generally it is wide and needs some investigation on this matter. Students may decide on the kind of topic: general, specific, humorous or serious. There may be named several guidelines according to which every student may write a good definition essay:

  1. When you need to define something, do not write down the definition from the dictionary, as it is another presentation of term. You may read it and then discuss it in your own words, using extra information, such as memories, anecdotes and so on. It will make a reader closer to your thinking. Keep in touch with a reader through familiar images and statements.
  2. Do not use dry academic language, literary words or archaisms. Readers are your friends and there is a certain way to communicate with them, using oriented language. Define your audience.
  3. Make your definition essay more personal. Of course the subjective character is not the best variant, but if you do it milder and put in some specific plot lines into it, it will make your readers enjoy your definition essay.

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Defining the term, you may use different techniques, among which we can single out such as:

  • Comparison. It is known that one knows something better through comparison. Try not to turn your definition essay into contrast and comparison essay, but some definite features may be used. You write about Love, so you must not forget about Hate. Through the definition of an antonymic term students always may lead a reader to the conclusion over the given term to define.
  • Analysis. Analysis resembles division, when you need to separate the term into the typical features, behavior of people or other details. Students ascertain what types of the term they know or may recollect, find. Then it would be nice to describe them a little and conclude general image of the given term.
  • Details. Use as many details as you may. Physical and internal descriptions may lead you to the sudden conclusions and help readers to understand your definition better.
  • Results, effects. You may write what effects this or that event, situation, religion, etc. has made on the surrounding world. Through their description, you will give a brilliant definition.

There are many other techniques and you may use one of them or in tandem. Everything depends on your creativity and imagery.

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