Descriptive Essays

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Descriptive EssaysDescriptive essay presupposes that students should describe something or somebody. Of course, it is easy to say some words about something you know well, but what should you do if the subject of description is unknown? For this purpose we offer you to look through our article and make some conclusions on how to write a great descriptive essay.There are many techniques to write this kind of an essay. However, students should practice more and more to be able to write a good [...]

Descriptive Essay Writing

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Descriptive Essay WritingMost students are fairly familiar with using definitions and descriptions, and they’ve probably utilized this technique hundreds of times on tests. However, writing an effective definition/description essay can be a challenge because students tend to fall back on dictionary definitions and avoid using their own original thought processes. Therefore, this article will emphasize that students first understand the purposes of a definition essay. Just as importantly, [...]

Middle School Essay Topics

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Middle School Essay TopicsAs a high school student who is busy juggling home and student life it might not always prove easy to think of some good middle school essay topics. So here is some timely guidance and a word of advice-you can choose a topic after first asking yourself which area you have the greatest knowledge and expertise in. Since the basic idea of any essay is to give an informative analysis of the topic you are writing on.Read on for some suggestions for middle school essay topics [...]

Characteristics of Descriptive Essays

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Characteristics of Descriptive Essays The Descriptive Essay:Uses sensory details relative to the subject matter (increase the reader’s experience as they read your essay)Sight--paint word pictures; help the reader create a mental pictureSound—allow the reader to hear what you describeSmell—evoke odors both appealing and non-appealingTaste—allow the reader to share the tastes of things good or badTouch—descriptions of textures, [...]

Writing a Descriptive Essay

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Writing a Descriptive EssayWriting a descriptive essay is really all about describing something-it could be a society, or an object or even a person-you may for instance be asked to write an essay about a particular character in a book in which case what this actually means is that you have been asked to describe that person –including some events or incidents that throw up a persons character.You could be writing a descriptive essay about a particular place that you had visited in your [...]

Description Essay Organizing Details

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Description Essay Organizing DetailsAll right, so you’ve gone through the entire process of choosing effective descriptive details that convey a dominant impression. Now, you need to figure out how you want to organize these details. As you look over the details you’ve generated so far, you’ll want to again consider your main purpose for writing the description and decide how you want to convey your dominant impression. There are, in fact, three main ways to organize details: [...]

Writing Description Essays

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Strategies for Writing Description EssaysNow that you’ve learned the many functions and types of descriptions and descriptive details, you may be wondering how in the world you would put it all together to write an effective description. By following a clear series of steps, pulling all your details together and conveying a dominant impression will become a much easier process.Topic selection. First things first--before you get carried away with all the details you could include, you [...]

Description Essays

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Description EssaysNow that you have an idea of how to convey the dominant impression of your essay, let’s explore some different types of details that you can include in descriptions. Essentially, there are two types of details that will help you to develop a description: objective details and expressive details. Objective details give an impartial and purely factual account of the subject. For instance, with the subject of the two party system in American politics, you would avoid giving [...]

Description Essay Writing

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Description Essay WritingThe five senses: sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste. When writers hone in on these different sensory impressions and use them to communicate an experience to their readers, they are writing a description. The use of mental pictures in writing helps readers to access the writer’s own experience and understand the meaning of that experience.Consider the differences in the following sentences. The first one is taken from the first paragraph of Garrison [...]

Description Essay

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Description Essay Having the ability to observe and assess a process or subject will come in handy for any class. For instance, in a political science class, you may be asked to describe the democratic process and how it functions in the U.S. In a biology class, you may need to describe the process of photosynthesis. Descriptions will also be an essential part of any textbook, so as you read the materials for your classes, make note of when descriptions are used and how they are [...]